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Why to hire and manage when you need only one simple thing... A RESULT.

HR-people, close your eyes. Still, Uber shows we don't hire driver when we need a ride. Same is here.

Your Personal Virtual Designer

Imagine subscription to have your favorite design person always there for you. Available for ASAP things. Detail-oriented.

If designer somehow does not click with you or your project, we pick a new one. No worries.

  • Graphic Design
  • Landing Pages
  • Web & Mobile UI
  • Branding & Logo

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One Platform To Rule Them All

THis is a Gamechanger

We created a platform for you to subscribe and add design tasks. Our professional team complete them with 24 hours turnaround.

Instead of interviews or freelance hunting, managing and accounting, you just get a result.

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Save 7 to 10 Times
On Your Designers Costs

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Graphic Designer Salary – $49,174 / year
  • Takes Vacations & Days-Off
  • Additional HR and Sourcing Costs
Pizdata Graphic Plan – $4,788 / year
  • Saving – $44,386 Per Year
  • x10.27 times saving
UI Designer Salary – $84,783 / year
  • Deal With Payouts and Contracts
  • Need To Track KPI or Manage
Pizdata UI Plan – $10,788 / year
  • Saving – $73,995 Per Year
  • x7.85 times saving
"Now we use Pizdata for all our design needs - and we've never looked more professional."
— Michael Holkesvik, CTO @ SilviaTerra

With Pizdata, You Forget About:

Missed Deadlines
Stupid Freelancer’s Excuses
Reaching Out to Everyone You Know to Help You ASAP
Hourly Payouts
Contracts & Interviews
Much More

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